Training Veiligheid voor Operationeel Leidinggevenden (VOL-VCA) Dutch


VCA training with approved examination

Attention: Participants can't forget their identity card/passport, otherwise they won't be admit at the examination.

  Date: 2020-09-24: From 08:00 till 17:00.
    The official exam starts immediately after the training. It lasts maximum 1h45.
  Location: PCLT (Langs de grote hekken de campus binnen rijden. Achteraan het domein is er parking voorzien in de buurt van het PCLT gebouw.)
Zuidstraat 25 (inrijden via campus zuid)
8800 Roeselare

       Important! All data have to be filled out! It's necessary to:
       - inform about the results of the examination;
       - send the invoice and the certificats;
       - be entitled to Cevora or another subsidy.

       Fill out this form and ad participants. All cells with * are obligatory.
       Use capitals and minuscules

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